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Tortuga Shaving Soap

  • $15.00 USD

Feel the Sweet Breeze blow in off the coast as you sit on the beach sipping your favorite drink. That's What Tortuga is, an oasis of sweetness! We formulated Tortuga to smell like Sweet Tea with it Sweet Floral Scents, Lemons and Mangos. A refreshing scent that will make you come back form more. 

Travel to Tortuga, have a relaxing shave and enjoy yourself!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance and Essential Oils. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Louis S.
My favorite sent

Tortuca is my favorite sent. It smells great and lathers up really good. Black Ship has the best products on the market as far as I'm concerned. You all are #1.

Robert R.
Great Performance, Lovely Aroma

Like all Black Ship soaps, this is an excellent workhorse of a shaving soap. Foams nicely and quickly, applies evenly and smoothly. I have moderately sensitive skin, and Tortuga has never given me any irritation. And the aroma is subtle but delightful, almost like a morning tiki cocktail. As soon as my current order of it runs out - my third, and I'm nearing the end - I plan to try other Black Ship varieties, but I feel safe in sampling because I know I have Tortuga to fall back on as my go-to variety. To date, it's my all-time favorite shaving soap.

Another scent home run by Black Ship!

I read a review from a member of a shaving forum I belong to and they raved about the scent on this soap. I had to give a try. It really does smell nice. My wife loved this one which I was happy about. It's a great warm weather scent...a little tropical...a little candy...a little floral. Great scent! Black Ship Grooming soaps have always performed excellent for me...plenty of protection and easy to dial in and lather. I now have eight of their shave soaps.

Tortuga Best Ever

I have sensitive skin and finally have found the perfect shaving soap. I can do a 3 pass shave with ease and NO IRRITATION. I’ve been wet shaving for years and am glad I discovered this product. It’s my go to shaving soap.

Kai M.
Tortuga Shave Soap🐢⚓️

Best soap I have ever used, hands down. Lathers extremely well and smells absolutely fantastic. Black ship has really outdone themselves. Even came with a nice sample of white whale aftershave.

IT's one of our favs too! Glad you like it Kai!

Great soap, great smell, at a great price.

Package arrived in a timely manner, sooner than I expected. The soap was melted when it arrived due to it being over 110° where I live. However, simply letting the soap sit at room temperature for about a day was enough to return it to its normal state. It even came with an aftershave sample which is a kind gesture that I really appreciate. The soap smells great, it is very smooth, and it gave me a better shave than the cream I was previously using. The price is very reasonable and it made me want to try them all. I will probably try the Siren’s song next. Overall I’m pleased with this soap!

Gald to hear it. Sorry about the high heat melting it. You did the right thing by just letting it sit! We're happy to see you had a great shave and look forward to your next order! Stay Ship Shape!

Bradford M.
Tortuga Shaving Soap

Great scent, has a great cooling feeling. I will be buy more